Quite a striking thought that my life ant the life of everyone around me that I see does not matter one bit when I look at the big picture. One day we will all be dead. And everything that is left behind won’t matter either.

This blog that nobody reads will easily disappear once I’m not around to pay for the hosting.

Then what? It is quite difficult to make any meaning of my life and the life of anyone around me. The only meaning is that I give it within the limited illusion of choise that I have.

In the grand picture humanity is a big ant-farm. If you don’t help your fellow ants and try to go on by your own you won’t get very far. The only way to make an impact is to help your fellow ants in whatever problems they are facing. The whole colony is a self-sustaining, perpetuating expression of life with forgotten origins and an unknown destination.

In the beginning there was chaos. Throughout thousands of years of evolution here I am as the pinnacle of life. A miracle of consciousness and self-awareness.

Lets have some fun 🙂

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